Notable Brands Who Are Using WordPress

All great-looking websites have a few things in common. One, they have great functionality and are well-designed. Second, they make the browsing experience very simple and easy. Third, they are always updated with fresh and great content. Fourth, they are optimized for mobile. Fifth, they are optimized for search engine traffic.   

WordPress allows you to incorporate all these factors into your website. So, it is no wonder that some of the most famous brands in the world have built their websites on WordPress. Let us see some of the famous brands that use WordPress.  


TechCrunch is an online newspaper that focuses on technology and startup news. TechCrunch revamped its website in 2018. The new website has a React app-based frontend, though the backend is still WordPress. TechCrunch says WordPress is great for content authoring, caching, and delivering. It further says there is a reason why WordPress’s CMS is so popular among website developers and that TechCrunch doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel.  


CreativeCommons is a repository of free-to-use but attributable creative works. CreativeCommons claims that it aims to foster ‘better sharing,’ to advance universal access to information and culture, and to nurture innovation, collaboration, and creativity. In 2019, nearly 2 billion works were available under various CreativeCommons licenses. CreativeCommons is also a non-profit organization, just like, and both entities are run by donations from their legions of admirers.  


If you are into Rock’n’roll, with a touch of popular culture and politics thrown in, you would have heard about Rolling Stone magazine. The RollingStone (magazine) website is built on WordPress. The RollingStone website benefits from the expertise of the WordPress community that works hard to keep the CMS updated. This also makes WordPress imminently suitable for websites that want a quality output without having to throw wads of money at it needlessly, such as RollingStone magazine.    

How to check if a website is built on WordPress?  

To a layman, it is difficult to say if a website is built on WordPress. But there are other ways to find out. We are going to tell you four ways here.  

One, you can check the source code. For example, in Google Chrome, visit a website and press Ctrl+U. This shortcut opens the source code. Once inside, press Ctrl+F and type ‘WordPress.’ But this method does not always work.  

The second method is to use In the search space, enter the website URL you want to check. Then, scroll down to Content Management System and see if WordPress is listed there.   

The third method is to add /wp-admin/ after the domain extension. It will take you to the login page. If /wp-admin/ doesn’t work, check with /wp-login.php, /wp-trackback.php, or /feed. Note that some websites may hide these URLs for security reasons.  

The final way is to visit On the website, scroll down and click on ‘Find Inspiration.’ There, you will see a list of popular websites currently using WordPress. If you are trying to find a particular website, type the website’s name in the Search bar and see if you find it.  


Millions of websites the world over use WordPress, and the number is growing every day. If you want to build your website on WordPress and want to discuss how you can get the best value for your money, feel free to contact us.

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